Upero - Guidelines


Discover a whole world of outdoor wonders

A new group brand for all things outdoors

Upero are a brand looking to become the home of anything from tiling and pavements to furniture and kitchens. We looked at everything from naming, branding, web design and even 3D and motion design, literally giving Upero the building blocks for a successful future.



  • Naming
  • Design System
  • UX Design
  • Responsive UI

Building a ‘branded house’

Upero are looking towards the future creating sub-brands within the same family. This allows for a great balance of consistency and versatility—ultimately building trust and recognition.


Like with the Brand System approach, the e-commerce websites were designed to make use of a common structure and component library. These were then differentiated through the playful use of colour.

3D and Motional language

Upero’s concept of being the home of ‘outdoor wonders’ was brought to life through abstract building blocks/atoms which bunch, collide and refract, showcasing a light-hearted and welcoming approach.

"Watch this space"

We’re so happy working with Dazzle. They’ve given us a platform to build from, helping us connect with our audiences quickly and effectively.”

— Sophie Spencer, Upero

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